Starknet Wallets

Starknet Wallets (Beta)

Starknet ecosystem users have been seeking ways to utilize Paradex. As Paradex operates as an appchain, there were no existing methods for communication between Starknet and Paradex. To address this, we have extended key generation to Starknet accounts, enabling your connected Starknet wallet to deterministically derive a Paradex Account. Additionally, we have collaborated with Cross Chain Bridging partners to support deposit and withdrawal flows for these accounts. To get started, simply connect your Starknet wallet to the Paradex app, where a Paradex Account will be derived from a signature. Signature derivation require connected Starknet wallets that sign deterministically.

Please note that if the owner of the deployed account changes it could affect the signature generated by the wallet. Therefore, we strongly recommend users back up their private keys to ensure the continuity of their Paradex accounts. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please contact our support team via our official communication channels.

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