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Position Limit

A submitted order is rejected if it can potentially increase the client's position beyond the position limit of the instrument.
The order is only accepted if the following condition holds :
Submitted Order Size+Size of Same-Side Open Orders+Open Position SideOpen Position SizePosition Limit\small\text{Submitted Order Size}+\text{Size of Same-Side Open Orders}+\text{Open Position Side}*\text{Open Position Size}\\\leq \text{Position Limit}
Example :
  • ETH-USD-PERP Position Limit = 500 ETH
  • A user has an open SHORT position of size 400 ETH and no open orders initially
-> Any SELL order with size higher than 100 ETH (= 500 - 400) will be rejected
-> Any BUY order with size higher than 900 ETH (= 500 + 400) will be rejected