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How to deposit and withdraw your funds to and from Paradex
Paradex has a two step deposit and withdrawal process which entails:
  1. 1.
    Transferring your funds between your Ethereum Wallet and the Starknet bridge contract (L1 signature)
  2. 2.
    Transferring your funds between the Starknet bridge contract and the Paraclear clearing contracts (L2 signature)
Deposits & Withdrawals Overview / Paradex
Once you have completed both transactions you will be ready to trade on Paradex (or access your funds on Ethereum via the withdrawal process).
To begin the deposit or withdrawal process head over to the “Portfolio” section of the Paradex Web App and click on the Deposit or Withdraw button on the top right to initiate the process. Navigate to the “Deposit / Withdraw” tab on the bottom table to see your pending and completed deposits and withdrawals. For detailed instructions on how to deposit and or withdraw funds, head over to the dedicated “Deposits” and “Withdrawals” sections.
Note: Withdrawal process to Ethereum (L1) can take 2-7 hours. Withdrawing funds requires all preceding actions from all accounts (including risk checks) be validated on Ethereum (L1). Your Paradex (L2) withdrawal transaction will be batched along with other Paradex (L2) transactions (trades, deposits, withdrawals, etc) and sent to the Starknet Prover to generate a Proof guaranteeing the calculations. Batching and proving can take several hours depending on the volume of trades / transactions processed by Paradex (L2) and generating a Starknet proof takes ~2 hours. Once the proof is generated it is sent to the Starknet (L1) verifier contract which will confirm its validity and then unlock funds for withdrawal.

Deposit Limits

The protocol enforces the following limits:
  • A maximum deposit amount of 200k USDC (per single deposit)
  • A maximum TVL (total USDC balance across all users) of 5mil USDC