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Bridges & Audits

This page covers the current state of Paradex's asset bridging architecture


In order to bridge assets over to Paradex's Starknet instance, users can read the reference provided by the developers of the bridge mechanism directly at the following links:

Bridges & Audits

Starkgate is the bridge developed by Starkware, the entity behind Starknet and StarkEx. Users can find their public repository here.
Paradex has forked this bridge and maintains this, users can request for access to the repository by posting in our Discord here.
The Starknet smart contracts in their entirety have been audited at the file viewable below. This includes the bridge.
Starknet Core Summary Report - Sept 2022.pdf

Paradex & Audits

As Paradex is still in Closed Beta, Paradex's smart contracts have not yet been audited as we are continuously deploying upgrades based on initial user feedback on testnet with fake assets.
We will shortly exit Testnet and get to Mainnet with a functioning cross-margin system at which point we will begin smart contract audits as well as penetration testers (bug bounty) before removing developer-implemented limits on protocol TVL.