1. Tier 1/ Tier 2 split is a bit different from other DEXs with a high Tier 1 allocation of 80% BTC/ETH/SOL and 20% to Tier 2 - why? Paradex currently have few instruments and most volumes are traded on Tier 1 instruments, so it makes sense to focus liquidity in the majors. We will be rapid-fire adding more instruments and will adjust the program parameters accordingly.

  2. What is the snapshot frequency? Randomized snapshot with 10-second average frequency. There is limited risk for clients of cancel/re-quote at that precise time since calculations are based off a moving average.

  3. Is there an API endpoint for points? We have a websocket endpoint for points data A REST API endpoint will be available soon

  4. Will we have a dashboard for points? A Points Dashboard can be viewed on the UI. It displays a breakdown of points and underlying metrics by market and program.

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